Space (Luck) Sphere

by Anni M Fables

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released July 27, 2017

All songs written & produced by Anni M Fables. Drums engineered by Nathan Turner + bass for What we lost, Follow, Alien, Endless. All remaining engineering + mixing by Blake McKay at Adanac Sounds, Vancouver, BC. Mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs. Album artwork ‘Alice’ & ‘I'm on my way’ © 2017 Meli Rose Art. Reverse artwork ‘Moon dream’ + disc image © 2017 Mary Matheson Photography. Graphic design by Sebastian Kay. © ℗ 2017 Anni M Fables.

THE MUSICIANS: Blake McAndless - all drums + banjo on My love, Alice, Alien & His Tale. Nathan Turner - all bass + guitar on What we lost, Follow, Endless, She's so heavy & Easy. Blake MacKay - keys and organ on What we lost, Follow, Sister, Endless, She's so heavy & His Tale + toy piano on Alien. Justine Apostolopoulos - cello on 3 Days & Easy. Jenna Materi - vocal harmonies on 3 Days. Sabrina Robson - feature vocals/harmonies on Sister & She's so heavy. Logan Thackray - vocal harmonies on My love & Alice. Jennifer Charters - tenor saxophone on Sister & His tale. Joseph Abbott - clarinet on Endless & She's so heavy. Vocal chorus for His tale - Jennifer Charters, Logan Thackray, Mary Matheson, Sabrina Robson, Shannon Marie, Jenna Materi, Thalia Apostolopoulos. Party vocals for She's so heavy - Emma Law, Nathan Turner, Logan Thackray, Brendan Steele, Jen Charters, Mary Matheson, Ryan Trigg, Nancy Lanthier, Blake Mackay, Tynan Rampling, Nadine Wildheart, Stuart McGinley, Wes Coderre, Thalia Apostolopoulos, Shannon Marie, Jenna Materi & Paul Connell. Anni M Fables All lead vocals + viola + vocal harmonies on What we lost, Follow, Alien, Endless & Easy



all rights reserved


Anni M Fables Vancouver, British Columbia

From the island of Tasmania, freak folk artist Anni M Fables has created an entirely unique musical style.

Anni weaves her rich experience as a travelling songwriter with punchy vocals and sultry viola melodies.

June 6th 2017 is the launch date for Anni's full-length album, Space (Luck) Sphere.

Anni believes in the gift of music to inject us with happiness, courage, perspective and wisdom.
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Track Name: My Love
He falls to his knees by the side of the road
Hard sun biting dusty claws at his toes
The day goes on but his bird has nearly flown home
A small boy’s eyes light up with delight and surprise

Tabwerani dalo, tisangalala ndi moyo
Poti tili amodzi, tisangalala ndi moyo
(Come my love, we’re happy with life
Because we are one, we’re happy with life)

First light filters through lashes of trees
Together they rise from the earth as they please
The rules of life roll on and around and astride
Everybody knows you won’t fight it, just let go

Two ends come meet at a point near to home
Full circle with timing and harmony grown
A friend of old returns reminding be bold
But new days lie awaiting at your door
Track Name: What We Lost
We parted, way back then
And I felt I could never live without you
Wanted you round, spellbound

We parted, way back then
And I leapt from my daze, left that cage
And climbed right out of my mind to get over you

We were proud, I was breaking
Our love it soured, it quavered
But from that cloud, now I’m soaring
Our golden age played out
What we had is lost, what we’ve lost is gone

We parted, way back then
I still wonder how this blissful love stole my thunder
Track Name: Follow
These days are singing
These days are dancing
These days, follow
These days are shouting
These days are stomping
These days, follow

Rising, riding so high
Here I am, so strong

These days are sanguine
These days are seeking
These days, seeding art
Each day, journeying
Each day, becoming more and more of heart
Track Name: Alice
She sat at the water seeing her day roll by
One by one counting eagles glide
The world outside, window her eyes
Days and numbers a state of mind

Beneath stars, by gentle waves
These lucid moments and Alice play
Complexity shows its face, she witnesses its simple ways

Alice in wonderland sang so sweetly
Alice sang but too shyly
So she ran, she fell, she found
There’s so much happening underground

Misty haze obscures her view
Of the opposite shore and this glittering blue
Reflections of light cloud her sight, the mirrors lie
I heard somebody say that what you see in the world is you
Track Name: Alien
An alien came to this place
They said "Oh, the ways of the world embraced!
Lose borders, for those there’s no need
They only disrupt voyagers
Sailors and neighbours, lusting and fear
Breathe our journeys over this space locked sphere.”

An alien came to this place
They said “Oh, the ways of the world of grace!
Governance, you won’t catch me
With your black hole nonsense
Feasting on rules, lavish and lawless
Freedoms vanish one at a time before our eyes.”

You’ll have strong ties, you’ll grow deep roots and
You’ll step light on through open doors
For this whole world is yours

An alien came to this place
They said “Oh, the ways of the world reclaimed!
This ownership, such a blind miser
He’s a grand illusionist
Homes of the ancients, buried in sorrow
All that limbo, all those dollars won’t solve.”
Track Name: 3 Days
I never knew I’d break so hard
Shattered like a pane of glass
I never thought we’d fall apart
Then you tossed a brick through my heart

Thank you, you dealt that final blow
Thank you, you tripped my ego

Countless songs and movies fed me ideas of
The romance I thought I sought
The way I believed love be

I never dreamed you’d fade so far
Being as one as we were
Now you’re gone I remember
I don’t believe in forever
Track Name: Endless
A curious smile behind closed eyes
Remarkable hidden things there shine
A home in the west and one in the east
The most exquisite pirates' feast
Skills required to converse with beasts
There's always something more

There's always something more to endlessly explore

Under the surface, between these lines
Desires burrow and build their hives
Muscles up to here and breasts out to there
A ride on the shiniest pony at the fair
Birds to Jupiter's moons
There's always something more
Track Name: Sister
Hey midnight, mischief feign
Moon weighs heavy on the rise

Waters rage, swirl reflection
Seas weave ever rolling waves
Inside in as without

I dove with my sisters far below the river’s skin
Platypus swam with us, omen
We have sovereignty, sisters let’s begin

Here I stand in this mirror, knee deep
Side by side with these women I keep close to my heart
You keep me standing
Track Name: She's So Heavy
She’s so heavy, she knows how to move with the ocean
She’s so steady, she knows how to navigate motion
Her melon moon slice rises high over oceans, so high

Everything is most likely going to be okay

She’s so heady, she’s bundled us up in her wonders
Her voices at night hold brightly the fire under life

She’s so ready, she’s not taking no shit from no one
Her anger will roar, how greedily we’ve bored
How blindly we’ve waged our wars
Track Name: His Tale
I look at my two shoes (of mine)
"Hey, let's grow old together (you and I)
You carry me so softly (so quiet)
Carry me until the sun falls (to night).”

My shoes carry me on, rain or shine
We love company, so fine
Stay a while and leave in good time

I won't deny - the road inspires me
My musing I'll share with a bright honey

That's what we do, move

He'd be the evolving kind
Man enough to truly find
Real respect for womankind
Beyond history's disguise

His tale of privilege, revise
This equation, redesign
For I cannot comply with rusty generalized lies

That's what we do, move
Track Name: Easy
Miles and miles on secondary highways
So many moments of elation
Our voices have wings

Be easy, be inside, be easy

Years, in years, this I'll treasure dearly
Revel in our legacy
My soul's fingers unfurled
Fiery fingers unfurled

Be easy, be inside be easy
See easy, see inside, see easy
Sing easy, sing inside, sing easy